The EV Transition


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We can help you navigate the requirements to convert your vehicles to electric

Why Electric Vehicle Fleets?

Electric Vehicles cost less to operate - much cheaper than fossil fuels, and less moving parts leads to less regular maintenance.

Smart charging means the your Electric Car or Electric Van can top-up at times when it wouldn't be moving anyway - like overnight, when it's parked at the office, or during loading/unloading.

Noise and tail-pipe pollution free. Quiet and smooth to drive and no emissions. Good for you, for your business and the planet.

Who we are


We are certain that EVs are the future of mobility, and SE Asia can become a world leader in this area.

Electric cars, vans, trucks and bikes are coming, and fast. Working together is going to help accelerate this change and make it easier for everyone to do their bit. With 20+ Years of experience in start ups, customer service and product development we are helping more people join the electric revolution.

Join us on the journey to clean mobility.


EVdots mission is to boost the EV ecosystem in Singapore by connecting the dots when it comes to electric mobility. 

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